November 17, 2018 - 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

CCJB Studios, 173 N 100 W, Cedar City

For Children Ages 4 and up!

$15 for 1 Child, $25 for 2 Siblings, and $30 for 3 or more Siblings!

Drop your children off at the CCJB Studios for a safe and fun-filled night while you have a nice dinner, watch a movie, or catch up on sleep! You will also support a great cause as all proceeds from this event will be used to provide scholarships to CCJB dancers to take dance classes and perform in the annual CCJB ballet production.

This event includes activities such as a Just Dance video game competition, popcorn and a movie, making ballerina or danseur (male dancer) crafts to take home, and board games. There will also be pizza and light beverages provided for all participants.

Your children will be safe at this event as we will have over ten volunteers maintaining at least a 4:1 child to adult volunteer ratio. There will also be ID check-in at the event to ensure children only go home with those who have been designated to take them home.

If you have any questions about Parent’s Night Out, please refer to our FAQ section below. If you still have questions please contact CCJB at

Registration Still Open!

Event Enrollment is limited to forty children so register now before it is too late! To register for Parent’s Night Out, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Please fill out the Parent’s Night Out Google Form by clicking on the button to the right labeled “Parent’s Night Out Registration Form”

Step 2: Please submit your payment according to how many direct familial siblings will be attending. You can pay online using the PayPal button on the right. However, please note there is a small fee attached to paying online to cover transaction fees through our online platform. You can also pay in person by dropping off cash or a check at the CCJB Dance Studios. Please refer to our FAQ section for instructions on doing this. There is no fee associated with paying in person.

Parent's Night Out Child Registration

Once you have completed the two steps above, you are fully registered for CCJB’s Parent Night Out! Please note, however, that if we have not received payment for Parent’s Night Out your registration is not complete and your child’s enrollment may be given to another child who’s payment and registration has been received.

Please keep an eye out for an e-mail confirming your registration from CCJB. Thank you very much for your support!


If your children are not able to attend please consider donating any amount you would like toward scholarships for low-income dancers with the PayPal button on the right. Thank you for your generosity!


If you would like to volunteer at this event please fill out the Volunteer Registration Form by clicking the button on the right. Please note that all volunteers are required to volunteer for at least two hours. Thank you for supporting CCJB!

Thank you to our sponsors:



Q: Who can I register for Parent’s Night Out?

A: You can register immediate familial siblings as one family. Cousins or “Family Friends” are not allowed to register as part of a family. They will need to register as a separate family. You can however still list the same parent on their registration Google Form for pickup.

Q: What will my child be doing at Parent’s Night Out?

A: Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a free-style dance party with volunteers, participate in a Just Dance video game competition, watch the movie LEAP! with the chance to pop their own popcorn for the movie, make ballerina or danseur (male dancer) crafts to take home, or play board games with others.

Q: Who is allowed to pick up my child from this event?

A: Only the parent who is listed on your child’s registration form will be allowed to pick them up from Parent’s Night Out. If you would like to designate another person to pick your child up you need to list them as an “Additional Designee for Pickup” on the Google Form during Registration. At pickup, whoever is picking up the child will need to show their photo ID to prove that they are the parent or additional designee.

Q: Does my child need to bring anything to this event?

A: No, our event is sponsored by gracious donors that allow your child to merely come prepared to have fun!

Q: If my child is sick, can they still attend?

A: No, for the safety of the volunteers and other children at the event sick children may not attend Parent’s Night Out. If your child shows any symptoms such as an excessively runny nose, a consistent cough, fever, rashes, etc. please do not bring them to Parent’s Night Out. If your child begins showing any cold- or flu-like symptoms, volunteers will immediately call you to have you come pick up your child.

Q: How can I submit payment for this event?

A: You have two options for submitting payment. First, you can submit payment online through the PayPal button located above in the “Register Now!” of this webpage. Please note there is a small fee for online payment submission to cover the transaction fees related to our online platform. Second, you can submit payment in person with cash or check. If submitting cash, you can stop by the CCJB studios at 173 N 100 W from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to fill out an envelope located on the admin desk in the CCJB Studios lobby. After filling out this envelope, please place your cash inside the envelope and pass your envelope through the Administration door. If submitting a check, please follow the steps above for submitting cash and please make the check out to Cedar City Junior Ballet. For both cash and check payment submissions, please include your first and last name with names of the children attending Parent’s Night Out.