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Coppelia Rehearsal

Due to the number of people missing this Sat the schedule is as follows:

10 - 11 Peasant Children
11 - 12 Czardas Children
12 - 1 Broom Duet: Caye and Victoria
1 - 3 Wheat Pas; Wedding Pas: Liesl and Sterling

Coppelia is a HUGE show. Lots of stage time and interaction of townspeople, children, lead characters... we're telling a story, not doing a Recital. I know the reason some of you are missing rehearsals are things that you do not control. It just means when these projects are over, I will expect you to be available. Don't forget, I lose people for Thanksgiving and worst of all, SUU semester break. 

Please look ahead in your schedule and let me know now of conflicts (dance/music competitions, school events) so I can schedule accordingly. I hate wasting people's time. Especially my own. Thank you for those who have been coming. We are accomplishing something, I just want to get through more. I know what's ahead. 


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